Ocean 20

The O20 will provide a platform for G20 countries’ political leaders, local and indigenous communities, civil society and private sector, to advance action for ocean solutions through the following:

The O20 is led by Indonesia through their 2022 presidency of G20, with the support of the World Economic Forum, and subsequently with future rotating G20 presidencies, in close collaboration with relevant industry and civil society fora across the G20 agenda. 

Under the leadership of Indonesia, a long-standing champion of ocean policy and action, the upcoming G20 Summit will actively engage business in strengthening commitments to build a sustainable blue economy, bringing renewed hope in recovery from the global health crisis and increased politically challenging governance systems.

With an existing portfolio of activities in the ocean and climate agendas, the World Economic Forum is well positioned to help realize and amplify the potential of the O20 platform and plug the willpower of ocean champions gathered through O20 into partnerships that deliver tangible results.